About the authors

This blog is run by two  14 year old International students called Nathalie and Margot. Nathalie attends the International School of Hilversum and has been for 3 years along with Margot. Nathalie is half Dutch and half English and Margot is half Dutch and half French. They met in 2010 in their primary school and they have shared the same love in art for a while now.

They both love art for many reasons. It allows them to be themselves and to express themselves in ways words cant. Art is powerful and can influence people in a different way than speaking or writing can, it is attractive to look at as well as interesting because there is usually a message behind the artwork so to discover that hidden message is interesting because it allows you to put yourself in the artists shoes to imagine what they were thinking about.

Creativity can be seen through art, and throughout using and testing different techniques, this quote by John W Gardner perfectly describes that “Life is the art of drawing without an eraser”~John W. Gardner. This quote shows how they feel about art and what it means to them and what it means about art; that it takes trials before achieving what is wanted.

The functions of art is the second unit they have done in the Grade 9 MYP curriculum in the ISH. In this unit they will be making a mask based on a chosen illustrator, novelist or artist.  . In art they work with process journals, process journals are meant to document everything they do in art, so the research, the developing of skills (skills in making a mask) their creative thinking and their responding to the work. This website will be our process journal, and we will be using this website/blog to document the progress of their current art unit The functions of art; their research, how they have developed skills from the making of their masks, their creative thinking and their responding to their finished work/mask.



  1. aussiedutchman · January 13, 2015

    Its great that you two are working together! Both of you are passionate and determined. It will be tough at times but as long as you’re open to each other’s ideas, you will get a lot out of the project.


  2. aussiedutchman · January 13, 2015

    Some missing posts and no criterion B (developing Skills) seen. Please update


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