Why is Dr. Seuss worthy of inspiring our mask? (responding)


Why is Dr. Seuss worthy of inspiring our mask?

Our chosen artist was Dr. Seuss because he was an illustrator and his illustrations appeal to children, and if we made a mask on it they would recognise the characters and know who the mask was made for because many children are familiar with Dr. Seuss’s books and have learnt and been inspired from his books. He should be celebrated in honour of his creativity, and inspiration and how he has influenced many people to be more creative and more imaginative and to inspire them to make art.

Many children still read Dr. Seuss’s books, they are famous and they are fun because of his writing style, the morals/messages behind each story and how he creates his characters; how they look, how they think and how they act. Dr. Seuss’s books help taught people to read and write, we now have apps that teach is how to do that. We shouldn’t have to be completely reliant on computers to do everything for us, so if Dr. Seuss was still alive and if he still wrote books many kids nowadays would be using them as a source of learning how to read and write because their parents would have learnt that way and traditions are usually passed down from generation to generation and we all grow up in our parents footsteps.

Dr. Seuss’s illustrations would still reflect the same type of characters and drawing/style techniques although the moral/message behind his stories and illustrations would change. For example, Dr. Seuss wrote a book in 1961 called the Sneetches and other stories. This story was based on racism and discrimination in a satirical way because he was mocking the people who were discriminating others and were being racist because it was a big issue at that time. If Dr. Seuss’s was working in my setting (time and place) he could have a story mocking ISIS, because that is a current global issue. Lets say the book was about a group of bugs who said they were going to kill another set of bugs, we would have the group of bugs (what type) made into 3D to stick onto the mask to show that were reflecting the new book that Dr. Seuss wrote.  These 3D bugs would be in place of the turtle lips, because this book is a new and improved version of yertle the turtle where the lips are inspired by. This novel and the characters in this novel would influence our mask design because the theme of the book represents Seuss’s personal character and his views on the world and so we would incorporate that into our design to showcase his character (personal style) and the icons used in his books so our mask would showcase the modern stories and more people would recognize it because the book is new and they would have probably seen it or heard about it.


Digging Deeper Part 2


Dr. Seuss’s books inspire people, this image reflects a boy imagining what he saw happen on mulberry street. Based on this I feel that the message of the artwork is imagination and to encourage people to inspire to be more imaginative because imagination is the begging of creation.

The story where from this illustration is taken is called And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street. The story takes place in Mulberry street, Mulberry street is a street in Springfield, Massachusetts that is less than a mile from Seuss’s childhood home. This illustration and book are related to this time (Seuss’s childhood) and place (Mulberry street, Massachusetts) because Seuss grew up their and based on his childhood and his childhood in that time period created this story and this illustration.

Dr. Seuss’s culture influenced this illustration because it is set in a known environment because it is were he grew up and it is where he is from, his hometown was where he got the inspiration for his first book which is why the book would reflect his communities customs and behaviour, and the illustration reflects customs (Mule as transportation) and behaviour (Marco walking back from school like a typical child).

This book allows readers to understand Dr. Seuss’s creations and his imagination because the book is about a boy called Marco, who witnesses a horse pulling a wagon on Mulberry Street, which leads him to imagine other things going on such as a marching band driving down the street. This book allows the reader to make a connection between the character (Marco) and Dr. Seuss’s creativity and imagination.

Materials for our mask

In order to make our mask and the 3D aspects of it we will be using the following materials, these will allow us to successfully make the objects look realistic and to make sure the mask is as light as possible so the practical function (to be work in celebration of our chosen artist; Dr. Seuss) to be successful.

1. Plaster, this will be for the mask it self
2. Papier mache, new paper and glue for the base on top of the plaster mask
3. Polystyrene balls, for the Lorax trees
4. Paint, to paint the whole mask in different colours (white, red, yellow, green…)
5. Chicken wire, for the hat of the “Cat and The Hat” and for the base on which the hat is going to lay
6. Cardboard to make the base of the hat
7. Wire, to make the stem of the Lorax trees
8. Pipe cleaners, to wrap around the Lorax tree steams
9. crepe paper to stick to the polystyrene balls to look like the fur of the Lorax trees
10. Ribbon/string to make our attachment on the head.

Functions of art

Key Concept – Form
Related concepts – Style and Time & Place

Global Context: Personal and Cultural Expression
The aim is to understand how different art forms have a variety of functions that are determined by the intentions of the artist.

Our artistic intention is:
Our artistic intention is to create a piece of functional art; a mask which, expresses the cultural and personal identity of Dr. Seuss.

The function of this mask is to be worn during a celebration of Dr. Seuss’s life. We will achieve creating a function mask which expresses the cultural and personal identity of Dr. Seuss by using aspects from his books that represent his culture and him personally to showcase Dr. Seuss’s identity in our mask.

Final Post

I believe my artist is worthy of inspiring my mask because his art is clear and simple with a hid message behind each detail. My artist inspired me mentally and physically making this mask because he gave me so many new ideas and aspects of art and a totally new way of working with new techniques and skills.

My artist SHOULD definitely be celebrated today because I have been a fan of Dr.Seuss since very young and many others too. He is very well known and inspired millions of people in many ways, from art, writing to ideas. I believe he was a very powerful man that knew what he wanted and showed that to the world. The fact that he made kids enjoy and learn through books is something huge and amazing to do that I respect him a lot for. He was strong-minded and knew many art techniques and skills that he expressed through his work deferring on the plot and moral of the story. If today my artist is celebrated that’s because he is enjoyed by many and that will make him even more famous to spread his passion of art and writing.

My artist is relevant today with our world because there are many problem with self expression making war. The way Dr.Seuss did it was very smart and not mean but learn full, it was still a way of expressing him self about what we thought was happing and his opinion about it, but done discreetly without hurting anyone. Today in our society young kids are mostly behind iPads to learn letters, numbers and reading but with the fancy books Dr.Seuss made kids can still enjoy reading real books even in our society of electronics.

If my artist worked in the time in which I do worked and the place I work, my mask would look really different because it would not have the same idea and purpose behind it that it has now and it would look much more modern. It would probably have even more neon colours, but I think the type of writing and characters will stay the same. The one thing that will change hugely is the plot behind the stories since the ideas would be take from our modern world and the problems today in our world.

To conclude I loved working with this artist because I have a huge respect for him and look towards him as a big and creative person that can also help me in my creation in art and the techniques and skills I use for my studio pieces.

3D mask making experience

Our final design that we want to apply on our mask, had a lot of  3D aspects to it, especially the hat. For part 1 of the hat we had to make the base, margot did this and she did this using  chicken wire and thin bendable cardboard to support it, and to secure it using paper maché. That is what the base looked like when it was done being painted. (below)

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.12.26                 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.12.37

Then when that was done we painted it yellow, in order to do this we had to first paint the base white to make sure that the newspaper did not shine through, then after that we had to paper mache it to the mask and when that was dry paint it all yellow as seen below.


After that we had to make the hat which, was part 2 of the hat, the hat had to go on top of the base. The hat needed to be made out of chicken wire and it took about 3 lesson to get it done. To start it off Nathalie cut out the necessary amount of chicken wire and used pliers to make sure all the pieces were connected together, after that I had to cut out a base for the hat out of cardboard and attach the base to the hat using the poking out wires from the bottom of the finished hat and poking them into the cardboard. This was quite hard because every time I poked one side in the other would come back. In the end my teacher helped me out by doing this step. After this I paper mached the hat as seen below.


Once this was done I started painting the hat white so the red stripes could then be added. Once the red stripes are added I can hot glue the finished hat the base on the mask. Once I have finished the hat I can start doing the little details, such as the sign post. I will do this b painting a line in the middle of the mask and making it into a sign post saying Mulberry ST. Then I can stick the star from the sneetches and other stories onto the mask and do the cat nose and the turtle lips. To do this I have to paint a light pink base colour for the nose and a light green base colour for the lips and once that is dry go over with the darker colours to show depth. I can then use wire to create the whiskers by using a thumbtack to poke a hole into the mask and add painted wire (black, wite and brown) and secure it in the back of the mask. Then I can stick a page from the book to think I saw it on mulberry street to a piece of white painted cardboard to make it look like it is a book and hot glue it onto the mask.


To show depth on the face we are going to be using the lips and the cat nose to do it. The skills we will use to make the face have depth is to paint a light pink base colour for the nose and a light green base colour for the lips and once that is dry go over with the darker colours of them leaving gaps to achieve depth.

There have been some challenges converting our design from 2D to 3D, the hat was definitely one of them it took Nathalie along time (3 lessons) to do it and achieve the shape because the hat is very big/tall and so it took a long time to make sure all the chicken wire was connected properly and stable. Overall it was not that hard to convert our design from 2D to 3D because we have both worked with chicken wire before and are both quite experienced with making 3D models due to various art/school projects that we have done over the past couple years.

Our final mask design

Final mask design

Cultural Function (How our mask relates to the culture of our artist)

The pink, purple and green trees are actually from the story, The Lorax. The book is recognized as a fable due to the fact that it has a strong and learn full moral. This is Dr.Seuss’ favourite book since he was able to create a book regarding the economy and the environment issues without it being dull. Although the tree look happy and nice the Lorax said Dr.Seuss came out of him being angry. The colors of the trees work really well with this mask and make it look bright and look like Dr.Seuss art.

The star comes from the book the sneetches and other stories. Some sneetches have a green star on their bellies and others not. The green star leads the sneetches with green star bellies to discriminate those who don’t because they think the star makes them superior. The star has to do with culture because the star is linked to racism and discrimination. The book was published in 1961 and racism was a big problem then.

The street sign comes from the book and to think I saw it on Mulberry street. The street sign has to do with culture because the story takes place in Mulberry Street. Mulberry Street is a street in Springfield; Massachusetts this street is less than a mile from Seuss’s childhood home. Seuss grew up in Springfield and its where he got the inspiration to write his first book, which started off his career.

The hat, the whiskers and the nose were all inspired by the very famous book by Dr.Seuss, The Cat in The Hat. The Cat wears a big read and white striped hat, which is included into our design but in a unique way due to the trees attached to the hat. The book itself was created in response to a debate in the United State about literacy in early childhood and the ineffectiveness of traditional primers such as these featuring Dick and Jane. He created the book based on the first two words he found that rhymed. The words he found were cat and hat.

Personal Function ( How our mask relates to the artists style)

The trees are something reflecting Dr.Seuss’ art very clearly, colourful unrealistic looking shapes. They are a key feature to this art piece since the story of The Lorax is known by the majority of the world, the tress are something standing out making people guess our artist easily. The steams of the trees are not going straight into the air like normal trees would do instead they are fin and shaped almost like a snake topped with a ball looking with spikes all around it. These trees are simple but powerful to Seuss’s art style and imagination.

Dr. Seuss uses white areas or light coloured areas to create the illusion of depth, i did this in the lips using a light green base colour and darker green in the corners of each section to show the depth of the lips and to make them look realistic like Seuss does with his characters.

Practical Function

To make sure the practical function of the mask works (practical function = wearing the mask to showcase and to celebrate dr. Seuss). In order to wear it the mask has to stay on your face so we are adding ties onto the mask just to ensure the mask stays on the face and does not fall off.

The page from the book also represents dr. Seuss’s books and how it taught people to read and learn because his books had a big impact on our culture and society and thats all from his books. We are including a page from his very first book and to think I saw it on mulberry street because it was his first book which inspired him to write many more books and eventually encourage people to read and to learn by reading his books influencing our society and our culture.