Materials for our mask

In order to make our mask and the 3D aspects of it we will be using the following materials, these will allow us to successfully make the objects look realistic and to make sure the mask is as light as possible so the practical function (to be work in celebration of our chosen artist; Dr. Seuss) to be successful.

1. Plaster, this will be for the mask it self
2. Papier mache, new paper and glue for the base on top of the plaster mask
3. Polystyrene balls, for the Lorax trees
4. Paint, to paint the whole mask in different colours (white, red, yellow, green…)
5. Chicken wire, for the hat of the “Cat and The Hat” and for the base on which the hat is going to lay
6. Cardboard to make the base of the hat
7. Wire, to make the stem of the Lorax trees
8. Pipe cleaners, to wrap around the Lorax tree steams
9. crepe paper to stick to the polystyrene balls to look like the fur of the Lorax trees
10. Ribbon/string to make our attachment on the head.


Final Post

I believe my artist is worthy of inspiring my mask because his art is clear and simple with a hid message behind each detail. My artist inspired me mentally and physically making this mask because he gave me so many new ideas and aspects of art and a totally new way of working with new techniques and skills.

My artist SHOULD definitely be celebrated today because I have been a fan of Dr.Seuss since very young and many others too. He is very well known and inspired millions of people in many ways, from art, writing to ideas. I believe he was a very powerful man that knew what he wanted and showed that to the world. The fact that he made kids enjoy and learn through books is something huge and amazing to do that I respect him a lot for. He was strong-minded and knew many art techniques and skills that he expressed through his work deferring on the plot and moral of the story. If today my artist is celebrated that’s because he is enjoyed by many and that will make him even more famous to spread his passion of art and writing.

My artist is relevant today with our world because there are many problem with self expression making war. The way Dr.Seuss did it was very smart and not mean but learn full, it was still a way of expressing him self about what we thought was happing and his opinion about it, but done discreetly without hurting anyone. Today in our society young kids are mostly behind iPads to learn letters, numbers and reading but with the fancy books Dr.Seuss made kids can still enjoy reading real books even in our society of electronics.

If my artist worked in the time in which I do worked and the place I work, my mask would look really different because it would not have the same idea and purpose behind it that it has now and it would look much more modern. It would probably have even more neon colours, but I think the type of writing and characters will stay the same. The one thing that will change hugely is the plot behind the stories since the ideas would be take from our modern world and the problems today in our world.

To conclude I loved working with this artist because I have a huge respect for him and look towards him as a big and creative person that can also help me in my creation in art and the techniques and skills I use for my studio pieces.

Digging Deeper 2


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The biggest personal intention Dr.Seuss had was to share his passion of books to kids and make them learn to love books. He did this using art, and letting is imagination come above the reality. Much of Dr.Seuss’ art in his books was made out of thick lines filled with bright colours. Those colours drove his story and the moral of it. He wanted each pages of his books to be fully developed with a story behind each drawing that moved the visual experience of those books beyond any ordinary book illustration. Even do Dr.Seuss is mostly known being a author that is what best suited him at that time, when money was a problem. He knew he would earn better being an author than an artist. In the beginning of his few books he had not enough money to print them with colours, and professional looking drawings but it still held the touch of Dr.Seuss. As his picture grown bigger, so did his finance and thats when his art came into his everyday work. He enjoyed it more than anything, making art, writing story using society problems thought the eyes of kids. His passion was liked my many and what he really wanted and wished for was to influence people to follow their dreams, because for him it didn’t start off so easily as he ended.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.10.19 “Cat Behind the Hat.” The Art of Dr. Seuss. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2015.

Dr.Seuss wanted to test out many different art techniques and loved all kinds. He loved portrays and made many of them which are highly prized and reveals a unique inner vision that only the artist can provide. These portrays presented an entirely different examination of who “Dr.Seuss” is and was. The picture below is an example of one on the portrays that Dr.Seuss made.

To conclude the personal intention of Dr.Seuss was to follow your dreams and try to accept who you are as he says “why fit in when you were born to stand out?”. Due to his job he could follow his dream of combining both his writing and his art skills into making an amazing final product






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3D mask making experience

Our final design that we want to apply on our mask, had a lot of  3D aspects to it, especially the hat. For part 1 of the hat we had to make the base, margot did this and she did this using  chicken wire and thin bendable cardboard to support it, and to secure it using paper maché. That is what the base looked like when it was done being painted. (below)

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.12.26                 Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.12.37

Then when that was done we painted it yellow, in order to do this we had to first paint the base white to make sure that the newspaper did not shine through, then after that we had to paper mache it to the mask and when that was dry paint it all yellow as seen below.


After that we had to make the hat which, was part 2 of the hat, the hat had to go on top of the base. The hat needed to be made out of chicken wire and it took about 3 lesson to get it done. To start it off Nathalie cut out the necessary amount of chicken wire and used pliers to make sure all the pieces were connected together, after that I had to cut out a base for the hat out of cardboard and attach the base to the hat using the poking out wires from the bottom of the finished hat and poking them into the cardboard. This was quite hard because every time I poked one side in the other would come back. In the end my teacher helped me out by doing this step. After this I paper mached the hat as seen below.


Once this was done I started painting the hat white so the red stripes could then be added. Once the red stripes are added I can hot glue the finished hat the base on the mask. Once I have finished the hat I can start doing the little details, such as the sign post. I will do this b painting a line in the middle of the mask and making it into a sign post saying Mulberry ST. Then I can stick the star from the sneetches and other stories onto the mask and do the cat nose and the turtle lips. To do this I have to paint a light pink base colour for the nose and a light green base colour for the lips and once that is dry go over with the darker colours to show depth. I can then use wire to create the whiskers by using a thumbtack to poke a hole into the mask and add painted wire (black, wite and brown) and secure it in the back of the mask. Then I can stick a page from the book to think I saw it on mulberry street to a piece of white painted cardboard to make it look like it is a book and hot glue it onto the mask.


To show depth on the face we are going to be using the lips and the cat nose to do it. The skills we will use to make the face have depth is to paint a light pink base colour for the nose and a light green base colour for the lips and once that is dry go over with the darker colours of them leaving gaps to achieve depth.

There have been some challenges converting our design from 2D to 3D, the hat was definitely one of them it took Nathalie along time (3 lessons) to do it and achieve the shape because the hat is very big/tall and so it took a long time to make sure all the chicken wire was connected properly and stable. Overall it was not that hard to convert our design from 2D to 3D because we have both worked with chicken wire before and are both quite experienced with making 3D models due to various art/school projects that we have done over the past couple years.

Process of Making a Mask

Starting making this mask was very stressful for us since both of us didn’t want to be the model. I (Margot) ended up being the model and it is an experience that I don’t regret. Not every moments in making this mask were very easy since I couldn’t sit still and the mask did not always feel good on my face. Although in the end it was worth it because we ended up with a beautiful mask that is very nice to work with and decorate to illustrate our chosen artist.

I (Nathalie) have made a mask before, which is why I did not want to be the model, I wanted to be able to make the mask as I have experienced it before. Making the mask on Margot was difficult, she kept moving and wanted the mask to come off. She did get used to it in the end and I was able to finish the mask. The only problem was I was not able to properly do the lips as she was laughing in between and it changed the lip shape on the mask.

The first step to making our mask was to cut the plaster into square pieces. That was very easy and did not take long.

The second step was to start applying the first layer of plaster. To do this we had to wet the cut out plaster pieces and stick them down by rubbing the piece onto Margot’s face.

photo 1

The third step was adding the second layer of plaster on Margot’s face. This was done the same way as the second step, the plaster was wetted rubbed onto the first layer of plaster.

photo 2

The fourth step was to add the third layer of plaster on Margot’s face. Done with wet plaster that was rubbed in. We did not wait until the under layer was dry we just added it onto the previous layers.

Now after this we left it to dry, so we could papier mache it next week. After a week of drying we started the papier mache to do this we had to cut out squared pieces of newspaper.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17.25.43

After that we used glue to stick the pieces over the plaster, we made sure the whole mask was covered and was strong enough and ready to be painted.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17.28.51Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17.33.39

This picture shoes what are mask looked like after we followed all these steps.

Digging Deeper 1

” Dr. Seuss has introduced millions of children to the joys of reading and the magic of the wordplay.”

Dr.-Seuss-Collage “Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss – Book Event and Sweepstakes from Target.” Imagination Soup. N.p., 20 Feb. 2012. Web. 11 Jan. 2015.

How has Dr.Seuss influenced America, and the world you may ask? It is huge how Dr.Seuss influenced the culture of america in a good and positive way. To read more. Since Dr.Seuss was born on March the 2sd he decided to adopt this date as the annual date for the National Read Across America Day. Dr.Seuss’ books not only made reading fun for kids, but also elevated the act of learning itself.

Dr.Seuss’ books had a great impact on kids but what about his art and how that influenced the world? The unique art style of Dr.Seuss influenced the kids in their imaginations and motivation. Many of his books are used in school for younger kids. These books made memorising and learning so much easier for the kids due to the illustrations used since each of his books were illustrated in bright and fun colours. The illustrations in those books are not hard and fun to draw. From research made, it has been said that after a kid had read a Dr.Seuss book and seen the illustrations he enjoyed and was much more motivated in making drawings, paintings and anything related to colours and art. Since the art was not complex in Dr.Seuss’ books, the kids could easily copy and take ideas form the illustrations without having to be frustrated with the little art skills they have.

wall-1 “Nursery DIY: Dr. Suess Wall Art.” Mother Flock RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.

As you can see from the picture above the colours and the drawings used work so much better for the kids learn the alphabet than using black and white letter. Dr.Seuss’ art makes learning methods much more affective and attractive,

Dr-Seuss-art-project “Dr. Seuss Day “One Fish Two Fish” Art Project.” Deep Space Sparkle. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2015.

The picture above proves that every kid with every art skills can draw or paint a Dr.Seuss’ illustration. The picture above is made by a 6 year old.

To conclude Dr.Seuss’ had a great impact on the world and was especially liked for reading and learning methods. He influenced society and people, and backwards society and people influenced and inspired him in his powerful work.


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