Why is Dr. Seuss worthy of inspiring our mask? (responding)


Why is Dr. Seuss worthy of inspiring our mask?

Our chosen artist was Dr. Seuss because he was an illustrator and his illustrations appeal to children, and if we made a mask on it they would recognise the characters and know who the mask was made for because many children are familiar with Dr. Seuss’s books and have learnt and been inspired from his books. He should be celebrated in honour of his creativity, and inspiration and how he has influenced many people to be more creative and more imaginative and to inspire them to make art.

Many children still read Dr. Seuss’s books, they are famous and they are fun because of his writing style, the morals/messages behind each story and how he creates his characters; how they look, how they think and how they act. Dr. Seuss’s books help taught people to read and write, we now have apps that teach is how to do that. We shouldn’t have to be completely reliant on computers to do everything for us, so if Dr. Seuss was still alive and if he still wrote books many kids nowadays would be using them as a source of learning how to read and write because their parents would have learnt that way and traditions are usually passed down from generation to generation and we all grow up in our parents footsteps.

Dr. Seuss’s illustrations would still reflect the same type of characters and drawing/style techniques although the moral/message behind his stories and illustrations would change. For example, Dr. Seuss wrote a book in 1961 called the Sneetches and other stories. This story was based on racism and discrimination in a satirical way because he was mocking the people who were discriminating others and were being racist because it was a big issue at that time. If Dr. Seuss’s was working in my setting (time and place) he could have a story mocking ISIS, because that is a current global issue. Lets say the book was about a group of bugs who said they were going to kill another set of bugs, we would have the group of bugs (what type) made into 3D to stick onto the mask to show that were reflecting the new book that Dr. Seuss wrote.  These 3D bugs would be in place of the turtle lips, because this book is a new and improved version of yertle the turtle where the lips are inspired by. This novel and the characters in this novel would influence our mask design because the theme of the book represents Seuss’s personal character and his views on the world and so we would incorporate that into our design to showcase his character (personal style) and the icons used in his books so our mask would showcase the modern stories and more people would recognize it because the book is new and they would have probably seen it or heard about it.


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