Materials for our mask

In order to make our mask and the 3D aspects of it we will be using the following materials, these will allow us to successfully make the objects look realistic and to make sure the mask is as light as possible so the practical function (to be work in celebration of our chosen artist; Dr. Seuss) to be successful.

1. Plaster, this will be for the mask it self
2. Papier mache, new paper and glue for the base on top of the plaster mask
3. Polystyrene balls, for the Lorax trees
4. Paint, to paint the whole mask in different colours (white, red, yellow, green…)
5. Chicken wire, for the hat of the “Cat and The Hat” and for the base on which the hat is going to lay
6. Cardboard to make the base of the hat
7. Wire, to make the stem of the Lorax trees
8. Pipe cleaners, to wrap around the Lorax tree steams
9. crepe paper to stick to the polystyrene balls to look like the fur of the Lorax trees
10. Ribbon/string to make our attachment on the head.


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