Final Post

I believe my artist is worthy of inspiring my mask because his art is clear and simple with a hid message behind each detail. My artist inspired me mentally and physically making this mask because he gave me so many new ideas and aspects of art and a totally new way of working with new techniques and skills.

My artist SHOULD definitely be celebrated today because I have been a fan of Dr.Seuss since very young and many others too. He is very well known and inspired millions of people in many ways, from art, writing to ideas. I believe he was a very powerful man that knew what he wanted and showed that to the world. The fact that he made kids enjoy and learn through books is something huge and amazing to do that I respect him a lot for. He was strong-minded and knew many art techniques and skills that he expressed through his work deferring on the plot and moral of the story. If today my artist is celebrated that’s because he is enjoyed by many and that will make him even more famous to spread his passion of art and writing.

My artist is relevant today with our world because there are many problem with self expression making war. The way Dr.Seuss did it was very smart and not mean but learn full, it was still a way of expressing him self about what we thought was happing and his opinion about it, but done discreetly without hurting anyone. Today in our society young kids are mostly behind iPads to learn letters, numbers and reading but with the fancy books Dr.Seuss made kids can still enjoy reading real books even in our society of electronics.

If my artist worked in the time in which I do worked and the place I work, my mask would look really different because it would not have the same idea and purpose behind it that it has now and it would look much more modern. It would probably have even more neon colours, but I think the type of writing and characters will stay the same. The one thing that will change hugely is the plot behind the stories since the ideas would be take from our modern world and the problems today in our world.

To conclude I loved working with this artist because I have a huge respect for him and look towards him as a big and creative person that can also help me in my creation in art and the techniques and skills I use for my studio pieces.


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