Digging Deeper Part 2


Dr. Seuss’s books inspire people, this image reflects a boy imagining what he saw happen on mulberry street. Based on this I feel that the message of the artwork is imagination and to encourage people to inspire to be more imaginative because imagination is the begging of creation.

The story where from this illustration is taken is called And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street. The story takes place in Mulberry street, Mulberry street is a street in Springfield, Massachusetts that is less than a mile from Seuss’s childhood home. This illustration and book are related to this time (Seuss’s childhood) and place (Mulberry street, Massachusetts) because Seuss grew up their and based on his childhood and his childhood in that time period created this story and this illustration.

Dr. Seuss’s culture influenced this illustration because it is set in a known environment because it is were he grew up and it is where he is from, his hometown was where he got the inspiration for his first book which is why the book would reflect his communities customs and behaviour, and the illustration reflects customs (Mule as transportation) and behaviour (Marco walking back from school like a typical child).

This book allows readers to understand Dr. Seuss’s creations and his imagination because the book is about a boy called Marco, who witnesses a horse pulling a wagon on Mulberry Street, which leads him to imagine other things going on such as a marching band driving down the street. This book allows the reader to make a connection between the character (Marco) and Dr. Seuss’s creativity and imagination.


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