Digging Deeper 2



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The biggest personal intention Dr.Seuss had was to share his passion of books to kids and make them learn to love books. He did this using art, and letting is imagination come above the reality. Much of Dr.Seuss’ art in his books was made out of thick lines filled with bright colours. Those colours drove his story and the moral of it. He wanted each pages of his books to be fully developed with a story behind each drawing that moved the visual experience of those books beyond any ordinary book illustration. Even do Dr.Seuss is mostly known being a author that is what best suited him at that time, when money was a problem. He knew he would earn better being an author than an artist. In the beginning of his few books he had not enough money to print them with colours, and professional looking drawings but it still held the touch of Dr.Seuss. As his picture grown bigger, so did his finance and thats when his art came into his everyday work. He enjoyed it more than anything, making art, writing story using society problems thought the eyes of kids. His passion was liked my many and what he really wanted and wished for was to influence people to follow their dreams, because for him it didn’t start off so easily as he ended.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 17.10.19

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Dr.Seuss wanted to test out many different art techniques and loved all kinds. He loved portrays and made many of them which are highly prized and reveals a unique inner vision that only the artist can provide. These portrays presented an entirely different examination of who “Dr.Seuss” is and was. The picture below is an example of one on the portrays that Dr.Seuss made.

To conclude the personal intention of Dr.Seuss was to follow your dreams and try to accept who you are as he says “why fit in when you were born to stand out?”. Due to his job he could follow his dream of combining both his writing and his art skills into making an amazing final product






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