Process of Making a Mask

Starting making this mask was very stressful for us since both of us didn’t want to be the model. I (Margot) ended up being the model and it is an experience that I don’t regret. Not every moments in making this mask were very easy since I couldn’t sit still and the mask did not always feel good on my face. Although in the end it was worth it because we ended up with a beautiful mask that is very nice to work with and decorate to illustrate our chosen artist.

I (Nathalie) have made a mask before, which is why I did not want to be the model, I wanted to be able to make the mask as I have experienced it before. Making the mask on Margot was difficult, she kept moving and wanted the mask to come off. She did get used to it in the end and I was able to finish the mask. The only problem was I was not able to properly do the lips as she was laughing in between and it changed the lip shape on the mask.

The first step to making our mask was to cut the plaster into square pieces. That was very easy and did not take long.

The second step was to start applying the first layer of plaster. To do this we had to wet the cut out plaster pieces and stick them down by rubbing the piece onto Margot’s face.

photo 1

The third step was adding the second layer of plaster on Margot’s face. This was done the same way as the second step, the plaster was wetted rubbed onto the first layer of plaster.

photo 2

The fourth step was to add the third layer of plaster on Margot’s face. Done with wet plaster that was rubbed in. We did not wait until the under layer was dry we just added it onto the previous layers.

Now after this we left it to dry, so we could papier mache it next week. After a week of drying we started the papier mache to do this we had to cut out squared pieces of newspaper.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17.25.43

After that we used glue to stick the pieces over the plaster, we made sure the whole mask was covered and was strong enough and ready to be painted.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17.28.51Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 17.33.39

This picture shoes what are mask looked like after we followed all these steps.


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